About the Family

While Skidmore is not the most common of names, it's surprising how many times people have come up and asked us if we know (x) skidmore, which we find we usually don't.

Our particular downpath originates from Herb & Annie Skidmore, Herb the brother of Art Skidmore, who's downpath we commonly refer to as "the other side of the family". Both brothers started Trans Canada Glass International from a single glass shop back in 1946.

Herb had three children, Ruth, Marilyn, and John. It's John and his 4 kids, Suzanne, Chris, David & Jasmin who are the focus of this website. Suzanne was born in 1975, Chris 1977, David 1983, Jasmin 1988. Suzanne is married to Kirk and they have 3 kids. Chris has two kids, David & Jasmin are happy with all the nieces and nephews (for now, anyways). All are happily living in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.




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