My Dreams

1. Write a novel

2. Produce a CD

3. Be in a band (totally just started a band recently)

4. Act in a major motion picture

5. Learn at LEAST the following languages:

    a) Spanish - done! (well, we always keep learning..)

    b) Russian

    c) French - started this

    d) German

    e) Korean

    f) Japanese

    g) Afrikaans

    h) Bulgarian

    i) Roma (gypsy language)

    j) Kaqchikel

    k) Afrikaans

    l) Arabic

   m) Gaelic

    n) Hawaiian

    o) Icelandic

6. Make a positive difference in the world

7. Adopt children

8. Have 3 blood children

9. Be God's warrior

10. Do marine biology in Hawaii

11. Visit Egypt

12. Discover something important

13. Go skydiving - done April 2008

14. Go bungee jumping

15. Be a semi-driver for a year

16. Work on a ranch in Mexico

17. Truly fall in love

18. Re-create the English writing system

19. learn to scuba-dive

20. travel across BC on horseback

21. Drive across Canada

22. Visit every American state

23. Visit every country in the world

24. Own a moveable calladagh ring (again)

25. Learn to play guitar really well

26. ...

© 2005