Food: yes... way too many... let me try

tortellini, perogies, casseroles, beef stroganof, soups, tamales, pupusas, gringas, hilachas, lamb korma, fajitas, pie, chocolate cake....

Fruits: mangos and pineapples

Veggie: peas

Drinks: juice, smoothies, chocolate anything, atol de arroz con azúcar,

Animals: horses and whales

Team Sports: baskeball and football

Ski Hill: Silverstar

Number: 6

Colours: Red and Black

Place: the beach

Style: emo/punk

Music: all types!

Movies: apocalypto, 300, seabiscuit, hidalgo, bambi, aladdin

Piercing: lip/tongue

Instrument: guitar

Sound: the ocean

Flower: daffodil

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